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Recommendation for restaurateurs

Small restaurants, cafés and bistros with a big impact

Transform your outdoor dining area into a cozy place with atmospheric lighting. With Lume-1, you attract new guests like a magnet as a small catering business. They invite you to enjoy your food or drinks to the full. Turnover increases.

Enchant the pedestrian zone of your city center with Lume-1

Small restaurants, cafés and bistros with cozy outdoor areas enhance the cityscape in the center enormously. They are popular meeting places for locals and tourists. Who doesn’t love being inspired by the hustle and bustle of a city on a restaurant terrace, making chance acquaintances and enjoying a delicious meal or drink? Well protected under a parasol with lighting!

The more attractive, the more successful!

With lighting in your sunshades, you can turn your restaurant’s outdoor area into a more attractive place at dusk and after dark in no time at all. Stand out from the crowd and attract new guests! Bright colors and well-lit tables invite everyone to linger in comfort.

Moments of relaxed get-togethers in a great light atmosphere

Outdoor lighting is crucial for attracting new guests like a magnet. The following also applies to small businesses when designing the patio: make sure you use good quality lighting ! Small table lamps are usually not enough to put your kitchen creations in the right light. With the indirect light of the Lume-1 parasol lighting, you can bathe the entire outdoor area in positive, atmospheric light. You give your guests valuable moments in arelaxed atmosphere.

Good lighting "tastes good"! It really brings out the color and texture of the food

The Lume-1 parasol lighting turns the outdoor area of your restaurant, café or bistro into an eye-catching feature of the cityscape after sunset. The glow sticks bathe the tables in even light and allow guests to dine comfortably and protected from the weather . The color and textures of the dishes are optimally highlighted by the lighting, your guests’ appetite for your dishes and drinks is stimulated and consumption increases.

The Lume-1 light sticks can be flexibly mounted on any type of sunshade . The color and light intensity can be changed quickly and easily as required using the remote control. With up to 15 hours of battery life, Lume-1 is a practical lighting solution with a big impact. For every restaurant in the city center, especially for small businesses, it brings great added value. 

The advantages of parasol lighting for restaurants, cafés and bistros at a glance:

  • Very discreet in daylight, all the more effective in the dark

  • Easy adjustment of light color and brightness via remote control

  • Up to 14-hour battery life

  • Pleasant enjoyment experience thanks to good lighting of the food & drinks

  • Inviting lighting atmosphere magically attracts passers-by

  • For every restaurant, all sizes of cafés and bistros

The lighting for your parasols – Lume-1:
Conjure up an atmospheric ambience for your guests!

More application images of Lume-1, the atmospheric parasol lighting: