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The Smart, Rechargeable Patio Umbrella Light

Create a magical atmosphere
and perfect evenings.

Lume1 smart Akku-Licht für Sonnenschirme Logo neg

Pleasantly dimmed on the terrace or idyllically illuminated in the garden, as stylish lighting for dinner or simply as a pleasant reading light: With Lume-1 smart you conjure up the mood you want in a smart way. – including at your next big bash!

With this exceptional umbrella light, you can make the night last for up to 15 hours without ever worrying about a power outlet. Without ever worrying about a power outlet!
The smart parasol light can be controlled remotely, has 20 color programs in addition to fixed shades, and it can also respond to ambient music.

Lume-1 smart features:

The Professional Patio Umbrella Light

Lume-1 smart brings colorful light to patio umbrellas. Or puts a nice off-white light on the table. Long, cumbersome cords to reach a power outlet are a thing of the past. With a battery runtime of up to 15 hours, the smart LED lighting for sunshades is also suitable for longer uses. The LED rods are mounted easily and within seconds.

Versatile use,
easy setup anywhere

However, Lume-1 smart can serve not only as lighting for parasols of any kind. Wherever there are opportunities to create a great atmosphere with light, is Lume-1 smart at home! Such as inside gazebos and tents, or as party lighting at events in, both, indoor or and outdoor settings. 

Battery (rechargable)

Thanks to its long battery life, Lume-1 smart turns night to day for up to 15 hours. It only takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery.

Easy Setup

Lume-1 smart is mounted with two small screws or, even easier, can be attached with two zip ties (included).

Color Programs

Lume-1 smart offers 20 different color programs. A wide array of color options rises to any occasion. The warm white ambience light creates a cozy atmosphere under the umbrella.

Remote Control

The included remote control allows you to navigate available colors and to regulate brightness and color change intervals.

Group lighting

The group function allows you to group LED lights and several umbrellas in one area. All 4 groups can be controlled separately or simultaneously with a single remote control.


In this setting, the light is controlled by the surrounding music to produce stimulating color plays that create a stand-out ambience. Club celebrations, weddings, or birthdays turn into unique experiences.

Watch the video to see how the battery-powered Lume-1 umbrella light works.
Lume-1 pro is pictured. Lume-1 smart is even smaller and easier to use.

Sonnenschirm Beleuchtung mit Akku: die LED-Leuchtstäbe der Lume-1 smart

Lume-1 smart provides up to 15 hours of light – all without a power outlet! The LED lighting connects easily via plug and play! It can be used on any kind of patio umbrella.


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Warm white. And uncounted colors from the RGB spectrum!

Lume-1 smart scope of delivery

Lume-1 Sonnenschirm-Beleuchtung Beispiel warm weiß

As a rechargeable battery light, Lume-1 is particularly popular in the restaurant business In the fast-paced service day-to-day, Lume-1 lights have proven especially useful and aesthetically appealing in open spaces and at events.
The Lume-1 smart umbrella light is now available for your home, your yard, and your patio! Only the best quality, made in Germany!

The rechargeable light fits nearly any patio umbrella and can easily be mounted as an add-on.

Lume-1 can stay mounted inside the umbrella.

Lume-1, the battery light for patio umbrellas, can stay mounted inside the umbrella.