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Lume-1, the parasol lighting

Adjustable brightness in pleasantly warm white light, a softly colored ambience or party atmosphere in all colors: create your ambience under the parasol, just as you want.

With the remote control you are independent and regulate all functions of this elegant parasol lighting.

Lume-1, the perfect table lighting!

For professional use
in gastronomy.

And for atmospheric evenings
in the garden and on the terrace at home.

Feel-good mood under the parasol

This parasol light transforms every evening into a great experience.

Lume-1 smart lets your parasol shine in almost all colors of the spectrum. Create pleasant dinner lighting in warm white or a colorful party look.
With the powerful battery, you are on the safe side every evening. 

The excellent Lume-1 smart is perfect for gastronomy and is ideal for the parasol. The smart Parasol lighting is small and hardly noticeable. The narrow and rather thin light stick is easily attached to support the arms of your existing parasol. 

Special ambience for your guests

Lume-1, the cordless light for gastronomy professionals

As is well known, we eat with our eyes, too. Let your kitchen creations appear in the best light. Use a suitable light ambience in warm tones to ensure that your guests feel completely at ease. The Lume-1 smart and Lume-1 pro parasol lights are just the thing for professional restaurateurs . Adaptable, easy to use and very easy to assemble.

2 versions - many possibilities

Small & elegant, simple technology, low price. The battery hangs on the pole, connected to the light sticks with a short cable and removed for charging. The Lume-1 smart is perfect

  • for use in parasols
  • for uncomplicated use in gastronomy

→ Find out all the details about the Lume-1 smart

Lume-1 smart 2er Set Lieferumfang

Larger, more stable design. Each light stick is supplied with its own battery. Magnets and is removed for charging.
The Lume-1 pro is perfect

  • for tough use in gastronomy
  • for unusual use at events
  • for extraordinary product presentations

→ Find out all the details about the Lume-1 pro

Lume-1 per set of 2


Lume-1 smart is the award-winning gastro trend item for 2021.

Recognized as the solution of the year by Callway Verlag, DEHOGA, Internorga and others in the “The most beautiful restaurants & bars 2021” award!

Quality made in Germany Logo neg

This is important to us.

Despite high price pressure, we have done everything in our power to ensure that the Lume-1 smart is manufactured in Germany.