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Become a Jedi.

Lume-1 is the wisest choice when it comes to innovative extension products for patio umbrellas.

As a retailer, you benefit from an exceptional product. Currently, there is nothing comparable with this quality on the market.

Lume-1 smart and Lume-1 pro fit umbrellas of any kind and can be used for any purpose, professionally in the catering and restaurant industry, privately in the yard or on the patio.

The Best Part of Lume-1:
Your customers reap the benefits!

Support for Your Marketing

We would love to share with you! Take advantage of our comprehensive marketing assets, which we happily provide free of cost. For example:

  • Flyers for your customers with your logo and address
  • Instagram campaigns
  • Facebook cover image and Facebook posts
  • Banners for your websites

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If you’re interested in becoming a Lume-1 store, contact us at or through this contact form
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By the way: Lume-1 is 100% made in Germany!

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